Learning God's Word

God has given to all people His precious, valuable life-giving Word in the Old and New Testaments. Through His Word, God speaks to us the truth of the Gospel

(that saves us when we respond to it) and truths about daily living in this world. 

We place our highest value on knowing God through His Word, 

For these reasons, we are a community of learners, 

seeking to know God, love God, and enjoy God through His Word.

  Each week, we hear God's Word preached by our pastor as he guides us through different books of the Bible verse-by-verse. We also gather in small groups such as Sunday school, Bible study groups for ladies (Monday afternoons & Wednesday nights), and our adult Bible study led by the pastor on Wednesday nights. 

The Bible is for the young too, and we work to provide age-appropriate teaching for our children and

kids through out each week.  Come join us and learn all that God has done and offers to us!  

You can click on the photo below to listen to a recent sermon or click here to go to our video page where recent sermons, baptisms, and worship/music performances can be viewed.